LIFE Lynx Content

Activities in which the Progetto Lince Italia is involved:

A.1 Assessment and selection of sites and lynx for live-capture from the Carpathian source population in Slovakia

A.2 Assessment and selection of sites and lynx for live-capture from the Carpathian source population in Romania

A.3 Pre-reinforcement survey of the potential release sites and the genetic and demographic status of residual lynx

A.4 Elaboration of plans for reinforcement of the Dinaric-SE Alpine population and for creation of a new “stepping stone” population

A.5 Management documents for Slovenia, Croatia, and Italian central/eastern Alps

A.6 Assessing the spatial connectivity of the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population and isolation with other populations for long-term spatial planning

A.7 Assessment of public attitudes toward lynx and lynx conservation

A.8 Development of the project communication plan

C.2 Live-capture and translocation of lynx from the Carpathian population in Romania for reinforcement of the Dinaric-SE Alpine population

C.5 Surveillance and directed management of the reinforcement process

C.6 Internet based, population level monitoring geo-database

C.7 Integration of potential lynx habitat connectivity and suitability into national and international spatial planning

C.11 Implementation of lynx-based tourism to provide benefits for local communities and lynx conservation

D.2 Monitoring of the impact of population reinforcement

D.3 Monitoring of the project impact on viability of lynx in the Dinaric Mountains and South Eastern Alps, and establishing of Guidelines for Ensuring Long Term Viability

D.4 Project visibility and public acceptance of lynx and lynx conservation

D.5 Assessment of socio-economic impacts of the project actions on local economy and communities

D.6 Assessment of project’s impacts on ecosystem functions

E.1 Promotion of the lynx population reinforcement and long-term conservation through local consultative groups

E.2 Hunter participation through partnerships

E.3 Documentary film series: the role of hunters as conservationists, lynx reinforcement, and short video clips on project activities

E.4 Targeted education campaign about lynx conservation through active involvement of local schools

E.5 Active engagement of stakeholders and target groups through customized events, personal communication and networking

E.6 General communication support for lynx reinforcement and importance of Natura 2000 network

F.1 Coordination and administration of the project by the coordinator and the project steering group