Activities in which the Italian Lynx Project is involved:

A.1 Analysis of the damage cases and bear intervention group interventions, preparation of guidelines for Intervention group protocols (Coordinated by PLI)

A.2 Attitudes of humans toward bears and brown bear management

A.3 Analysis of spatial connectivity and preparation of environmental impact assessment guidelines

A.6 Elaboration of Common Guidelines for Population-level Brown Bear Management and management plans for Slovenia and Croatia

A.7 Development of Project Communication Plan

C.5 Establishment and optimization of an integrated, population-level surveillance of brown bear conservation status

C.8 Internet-based population-level monitoring geo-database

C.9 Brown bear population size and management scenario modelling system

D.1 Monitoring of bears exhibiting conflict behaviour and effectiveness of mitigation measures in conflict hot-spot areas

D.3 Project visibility and public acceptance of bears and bear management

E.1 Public awareness raising and education campaign about bears on national and local levels

E.2 Education of officials working with human-bear conflict cases

E.5 Working with media

F.1 Coordination and administration of the project by the coordinator and the project steering group

F.2 Networking with other LIFE and/or non-LIFE projects