3Lynx In Short

Interreg Central Europe CE1001 3Lynx

The aim of the 3Lynx project is to coordinate the monitoring of Eurasian lynx in three isolated populations. Comparable data collection and immediate information sharing are one of the projects aims. An international strategy for the protection of the Bohemian-Bavarian-Austrian population will also be adopted.

Lynx distribution based on Kaczensky et al. 2013.

The three lynx populations => 3Lynx: Bohemian/Bavarian/Austrian Population (brown), south-eastern Alpine (orange) and Dinaric Mountains population (red).


Duration:7/2017 – 6/2020
Financial resources: ERDF, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Program: Interreg Central Europe
Budget: 2 318 784 €
Official website: http://www.interreg-central.eu/3Lynx